90W AC Adapter charger for ASUS F7 F70SL F7400B

$20.99 $18.99


 input voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz Output: DC 19V 4.74A
Power : 90W  brand  New
DC Connector Size 5.5*2.5

 Pls make sure the output,Input,power, outler and connecter size is suitable of your 

Compatible with Part No

Area-51 m5500

Compatiable with model No

A11 A2000 A2000C A2000D A2000G A2000H A2000K A2000L A2000S A2000T A2508H A2514H A2534H A2540H A3 A3000 A3000E A3000G A3000LA3000N A3500L A38N A3Ac A3Ap A3E A3F A3Fc A3Fp A3G A3H A3Hf A3L A3N A3N/L A3V A3Vc A3Vp A40DE A40DR A40DY A40F A40J A40JA A40JBA40JC A40JE A40JK A40JP A40JR A40JV A40JY A40JZ A40N A41 A41I A41ID A41IE A41IN A42 A42D A42DE A42DQ A42DR A42DY A42E A42F A42JA42JA A42JB A42JC A42JE A42JK A42JP A42JR A42JV A42JY A42JZ A42N A42QR A43 A43BR A43BY A43E A43S A43SA A43SD A43SJ A43SMA43SV A43TA A43TK A43U A45 A45A A45DE A45DR A45N A45VD A45VG A45VM A45VS A5 A5000 A5000E A5000L A52 A52BY A52DE A52DR A52DYA52F A52J A52JB A52JC A52JE A52JK A52JR A52JR-X1 A52JT A52JU A52JV A52N A53BR A53BY A53E A53SC A53SD A53SJ A53SK A53SM A53SVA53TA A53TK A53U A53Z A54 A54C A54H A54HR A54HY A54L A54LY A55 A55A A55DE A55DR A55E A55N A55VD A55VM A55VS A5E A5Eb A5Ec A5L A6 A6000 A6000E A6000G A6000Ga A6000J A6000Ja A6000K A6000L A6000N A6000Ne A6000R A6000U  A6000V A6000Va A6000Vc A6000VmA6E A6F A6G A6Ga A6J A6Ja A6Jc A6Je A6Jm A6K A6Km A6Kt A6L A6M A6N A6Ne A6R A6Rp A6T A6Tc A6U A6V A6Va A6Vc A6Vm A7 A72 A72DRA72DY A72F A72JK A72JR A72JT A72JU A73 A73BR A73BY A73E A73SD A73SJ A73SM A73SV A73TA A73TK A75 A75A A75DE A75VD A75VM A7CA7Cb A7Cc A7Cd A7D A7Db A7Dc A7F A7G A7Gb A7Gc A7J A7Jb A7Jc A7K A7Kc A7M A7Mb A7Mc A7S A7Sn A7Sv A7T A7Tb A7Tc A7U A7V A7VbA7Vc A8 A8000 A8000F A8000J A8000Ja A8000Jc A8000Jm A83 A83B A83B A83BR A83BY A83E A83S A83SA A83SD A83SJ A83SM A83SV A83TA83TA A83TK A83U A84 A84EI A84S A84SJ A8A A8Dc A8E A8F A8Fm A8H A8He A8J A8Ja A8Jc A8Je A8Jm A8Jn A8Jp A8Jr A8Js A8Jv A8Le A8MA8N A8S A8Sc A8Se A8Sg A8Sr A8T A8Tc A8Tm A8Z B1000 B1A B43 B43E B43EI B43F B43J B43S B50 B50A B52BY B53 B53E B53F B53J B53JCB53S B53X B53XI B80 B80A F3 F3A F3E F3F F3H F3Ja F3Jc F3Jm F3Jp F3Jr F3Js F3Jv F3K F3Ka F3Ke F3L F3M F3P F3Q F3S F3Sa F3Sc F3Se F3SgF3Sr F3Sv F3T F3Tc F3U F5 F50 F50Gx F50N F50Q F50Sf F50SL F50Sv F50Z F50Z F52 F52A F52Q F55 F55A F55C F55U F55VD F5C F5Gi F5GL F5MF5N F5R F5RI F5RL F5SL F5SR F5Sr F5V F5VI F5VL F5VZ F5Z F6 F6A F6E F6H F6K F6S F6V F6VE F7 F70 F70S F70SL F74 F7400 F7400B F74B F7EF7F F7K F7Kr F7L F7S F7Se F7SR F7Z F8 F80 F80Cr F80l F80q F80S F81 F81E F81Se F82 F82A F82Q F8DC F8P F8S F8Sa F8Se F8SG F8SN F8SPF8Sr F8SV F8Tr F8V F8Va F8Vr F9 F9D F9Dc F9E F9F F9GG1 F9J F9S F9Sg G1S G1Sn G2 G2K G2P G2Pb G2Pc G2S G2Sg G2Sv K40 K40A K40ABK40AC K40AD K40AE K40AF K40C K40E K40EA K40ES K40ET K40I K40ID K40IE K40IJ K40IL K40IN K40IP K40N K40S K42 K42D K42DE K42DQK42DR K42DY K42E K42EI K42F K42J K42JA K42JB K42JC K42JE K42JK K42JP K42JR K42JV K42JY K42JZ K42K K42N K42S K43 K43B K43BRK43BY K43E K43S K43SA K43SD K43SJ K43SM K43SV K43T K43TA K43TK K43U K45 K45A K45D K45DE K45DR K45N K45V K45VD K45VG K45VMK45VS K50A K50AB K50AD K50AE K50AF K50C K50E K50I K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K50IP K50X K51 K51A K51AB K51AC K51AE K51E K51EAK51I K51IO K51X K51XA K51XI K52 K52D K52DE K52DY K52E K52EQ K52F K52J K52JB K52JC K52JE K52JK K52JR K52JT K52JU K52JV K52N K52XK52Xi K53 K53B K53BR K53BY K53E K53S K53SC K53SD K53SJ K53SK K53SM K53SV K53T K53TA K53TK K53U K53Z K54 K54C K54H K54HRK54HY K54L K54LY K55 K55A K55D K55DE K55DR K55N K55V K55VD K55VM K55VS K60 K60IJ K60IL K60IN K61 K61I K61IC K61L K61LC K62 K62FK62J K62JR K70 K7010 K70A K70AB K70AC K70AD K70AE K70AF K70AS K70I K70IC K70ID K70IJ K70IL K70IO K70Y K70YD K70YT K72 K72D K72DRK72DY K72F K72J K72JA K72JB K72JC K72JE K72JF K72JH K72JK K72JL K72JM K72JO K72JQ K72JR K72JT K72JU K72JV K72JW K72K K72L K72NK72P K72Q K72R K72S K72Y K75 K75A K75D K75DE K75V K75VD K75VM K84 K84C K84H K84HR K84HY K84L K84LY K95 K95V K95VM L4 L4000L4000E L4000H L4000L L4000R L4500 L41 L42 L44 L45 L4500R L4E L4H L4L L4R L50 L50V L50Vc L50Vm L50Vn Lamborghini VX2 Lamborghini VX2SLamborghini VX2Se M50 M50Q M50S M50SA M50SR M50SV M50V M50Vc M50Vm M50Vn M51A M51E M51K M51Kr M51S M51SE M51Sn M51Sr M51TM51Ta M51Tr M51V M51Va M51Vr M60 M60J M60Jv M60Vp M60W M60WI M70 M70S M70SA M70SR M70SV M70T M70TL M70V M70VM 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Z99Tc



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