Replace laptop battery for Aspire One A110 A150

$25.99 $23.99


Voltage: 11.1 battery numbers 6 cells
Capacity : 5200  Cell Type:  Li-ion
Color:  Black  Condition :   Brand new

Replace battery Part No:

UM08A31 UM08A32 UM08A52 UM08A71 UM08A73 UM08A74 UM08B32 UM08B52   UM08B72  UM08B73

Replace compatibile Models

Aspire One A110-1691,Aspire One A110-1698,Aspire One A110-1722,
Aspire One A110-1812,Aspire One A110-1948,Aspire One A110-Ab,

Aspire One A110-Ac,Aspire One A110-AGb ,Aspire One A110-AGc

Aspire One A110-Bb,Aspire One A110-Bc Aspire One A110-BGb,
Aspire one A110L blau,Aspire one A110X Black Edition,Aspire One A150-1447,
Aspire One A150-1049,Aspire One A150-1249.Aspire One A150-1382,
Aspire One A150-1493,Aspire One A150-1532,Aspire One A150-1570
Aspire One A150-1983,Aspire One A150-Ab ,Aspire One A150-Ac
Aspire One A150-Bb,Aspire One A150-Bb1,Aspire One A150-Bbdom
Aspire One A150-Bc,Aspire One A150-Bc1,Aspire One A150-Bcdom
Aspire One A150-BGb,Aspire One A150-BGc,Aspire One A150-Bk
Aspire One A150-Bk1,Aspire One A150-Bkdom,Aspire One A150-Bp1
Aspire One A150-Bpdom,Aspire One A150-Bwdom,Aspire one A150L blau
Aspire one A150X blau,Aspire One D150-1044,Aspire One D150-1125
Aspire One D150-1165,Aspire One D150-1197,Aspire One D150-1322
Aspire One D150-1462,Aspire One D150-1577,Aspire One D150-1587
Aspire One D150-1606,Aspire One D150-1647,Aspire One D150-1860
Aspire One D150-1920,Aspire One D150-1B,Aspire One D150-1Bk
Aspire One D150-1Br ,Aspire One D150-Bb73,Aspire One D150-Bbdom
Aspire One D150-Bk73,Aspire One D150-Bkdom,Aspire One D150-Br73
Aspire One D150-Brdom,Aspire One D150-Bw73,Aspire One D150-Bwdom
Aspire One D250-1026,Aspire One D250-1042,Aspire One D250-1116
Aspire One D250-1151,Aspire One D250-1165,Aspire One D250-1185
Aspire One D250-1610,Aspire One D250-192,Aspire One D250-1990
Aspire One D250-1Bb,Aspire One D250-1Br,Aspire One D250-Bb18
Aspire One D250-Bb83,Aspire One D250-Bb83F,Aspire One D250-Bk18
Aspire One D250-Bk83,Aspire One D250-Bk83F ,Aspire One D250-Bp83
Aspire One D250-Br18,Aspire One D250-Br83,Aspire One D250-Br83F
Aspire One D250-Bw18,Aspire One D250-Bw83 ,Aspire One D250-Bw83F
Aspire One P531h,Aspire One P531h-1766,Aspire One P531h-1791
Aspire One P531h-1Bk,Aspire One Pro 531, Aspire One Pro 531f-2G64Bk
Aspire One Pro 531h ,Aspire One Pro 531h-06k ,Aspire One Pro 531h-0Bk
Aspire One Pro 531h-1G16Bk ,Aspire One Pro 531h-1G25Bk ,Aspire One Pro 531h-2G25Bk
Aspire One Pro 531h-HD11,Aspire One Pro 531h-HD11DOM,Aspire One Pro 531h-SS11
Aspire One Pro 531h-SS11DOM,LT1004U,LT2000
 Note: Not all compatible model# is listed.


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